☞ Player Information;
Name: Selfy
Player Journal: [personal profile] elemia
Age: 26
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☞ Character Information;
Character Name: Shirou Emiya
Canon: Fate/Stay Night
OU or AU?: OU
Canon point: Post-Unlimited Blade Works route, Good End

Setting: How to accidentally a legendary spirit in link form!

History: My whole life was… Unlimited Blade Works.

Personality: Meet Shirou. Shirou is a pretty nice guy when you meet with him at first. Always helpful, never complains about any chores or tasks given to him, gets along with most people even when they are the biggest douche bags to exist and is a pretty hard worker and does it all with a smile, unless you are the King of Heroes or a creepy priest then it’s a whole different story. But Shirou’s life wasn’t really all sunshine and waffles in his childhood years, in fact it sucked since the most that he could remember is his hometown suddenly bursting in flames, everyone dying except for him almost dying himself except he was rescued by a stranger that was a little too delighted to see him. But the sad part of that is that Shirou can only remember up to that point in his childhood. As well as he claims that he was ‘reborn’ that day, where he lost himself and became someone else. MOVING ONTO THE FUTURE trust me, this was important to be said for his personality D:

A way to describe Shirou’s personality is that he believes it’s his duty to take on everyone’s pains with a smile, right things that people had done wrong and as long as someone is happy, then he is happy too. But he can also pretty hot-headed whenever things aren’t going his way (read: spoiled brat), but in his mind and his actions, he does mean good and has everyone’s well being that he met in his mind. But the thing is with Shirou is that he is told and even acknowledges himself as a ‘broken’ human being. He wishes for a world and the people living in it to be in peace, for everyone not to be hurt or to cry and if there is someone in trouble within his power and god help ANYONE who tells him to screw off and take care of himself first, because he’ll just ignore it and do it anyway. He lost his own sense of self due to that fire incident in his past and the way that he could feel happy and be at peace is seeing others being happy, so he’ll do what task is necessary in his own power to preserve it, no matter how little and meaningless it is to how big and too much for him to handle.

Because of the ideal that he believes in that was taken from his adopted father’s dream, Shirou continues to strive himself to do what he can to help the world and be like the man who saved him. The fact that he was rescued from a hell that he went through for nothing, Shirou saw that as the most beautiful act he had ever seen and that was what his admiration to ‘Heroes of Justice’ came from and how he wanted to be like one with whatever power he could use so no one else would have to endure or go through the events he had to suffer in his past. However this was seen as a hypocritical goal as there is no such thing for a person to risk their lives for nothing in return as many people had claimed to Shirou to where even his future self, a man who became cynical and bitter not because of the sacrifices he had to make to save others and the scorn and blame that was placed onto him or even becoming a tool to the world so that he would have to kill people instead of saving… it was all because of being betrayed by those beliefs that he held once dearly. But after a dog fight with his future self to the brink of self-destruction, the thing that kept Shirou going was that he did not believe that his ideal was wrong… even if it was borrowed from someone else and not even his own, but the fact that he would carry on the dream of a beautiful ideal of Kiritsugu Emiya, his father, to become a Hero of Justice to save everyone he can and make the world into a place for peace with all his power,

Abilities: Shirou has three different skills of spells and a few nifty talents. First is Reinforcement or Strengthening, which basically the user places part of his magical energy to enhance an existing object to a stronger object and analyze the structure of an object. It can cause many effects as increasing durability of an object or even increase physical strength on a human being (this was shown by another character from F/SN, Caster, using the spell on her Master, Souichirou Kuzuki.) However doing this skill is a double-edged skill since if the target intended to be enhanced fails to adapt during the process, the magical input that was being received will be treated as poison to the object and causes a reverse effect such as decomposion. Shirou has been shown to get a better grasp of this ability, but he is still able to have it mess up and backfire completely. It should also be noted that as Shirou's current skill now as a magus, he has to use a lot of concentration and uses a 'focus word' to activate or trigger any of his abilities to start. Although it's not really a thing to be dependent on, it only makes things a lot more smoother and easier for him to use. And the words he tends to say frequently would be "Trace on".

An enhanced version of Reinforcement, Projection aka Gradiation Air, is another skill that allows Shirou to create items, most commonly swords in this case, are formed from nothing. In the mage’s world, such a thing is unusual since the law of exchange is needed to make something, you must give something first, however Shirou completely by passes that rule with this ability. He can replicate generally any item that Shirou can see either with his own eyes or with his ‘mind’s eye’ for him to grasp it’s existence, composition, history and design. Shirou can create and replicate as many times as needed only with what magical energy he is capable of using. What this means, in terms of using this skill in Ryan’s Gulch, is that he can supply and create his own source of weaponry and protection if he ever needs to do so.

To top it off, both Reinforcement and Projection stem from his Reality Marble, the Unlimited Blade Works, as it was said that with each sword that he ‘traces’ with each time he uses his Projection skill, they were to come from this place. Now a Reality Marble is said to be a more advanced form of mage craft that is actually closest to Nasuverse’s terms of real magic and alters the surroundings to a closed space like world, but the World itself does not accept an existence as it so it tries to crush it, leaving the actual Reality Marble only intact for so long. (Infact, Projection itself is a degraded form of First Magic according to Rin Tohsaka). A Reality Marble is generally a form that defines it’s creator, so as Shirou (and Archer) creates their world, summons a massive field of infinite blades that represents their inner struggle of his ideals and beliefs against the harshness of reality. This is a spell that does require a lot of time to prepare and a lot of prana to gather to release it, so he would be a sitting duck if he was ever in a confrontation as such unless he was able to provide cover (by himself or someone assisting him) in order to use this ability.

To help him with his tracing ability, Shirou has a knack for grasping the concept and ‘blueprints’ of certain items he sees by first glance. An example of this is during his showdown against the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, by first seeing 27 swords from Gilgamesh’s treasury and already his mind had processed their structures and level, although the thing is with this skill to improve is that Shirou himself must believe that whatever he creates from his Projection in his mind to be true for them to be formed to his ideal preference, like a sword that could never be destroyed were to be thought of and Shirou creates it via projection only to have it destroyed, this will tell Shirou that ‘this isn’t the sword’ and he discards it and only to repeat the process but now with his mind to know how to better it. He was shown to read and diagnose certain electronics and school equipment (such as boilers and the like) using this ability, so he would most likely try to use this to get a better ‘concept’ about the surroundings and the places around him when it comes to structure or mechanics.

Finally a good note worthy mention would be that the sheath, Avalon, is implanted in his body that gives him a regenerating like ability but not instantaneous since it takes time to heal. (Usually over night in some cases.) This effect is only happening whenever he is in a close vicinity of Saber, his Servant when he entered the Holy Grail War. As long as she is around, Avalon’s healing power is always constant but it cannot save him from death if he ever is killed. So if someone crushed his head in while dangling from a tree with a spike in his arm, the only thing he is coming back to see is a shinai to the face, a loli in bloomers and a tiger stamp.

And while it's not really an 'ability' exactly, but Shirou is known to be pretty awesome at cooking and cleaning that nearly every person he knows that is in good relations with (which is oddly more ladies than bros) will drop by and mooch on him. The guy is practically a housewife that secretly likes to clean and cook and more or less being domestic, but doesn't want to let others know about it. But they know. Oh god, do they know.

How did your character arrive in Rapture? It was most likely AFTER him, Rin, and Saber were having their meal together in a bit of a post celebration victory is when Shirou suddenly was teleported and manage to get himself caught by surprise at Fort Frolic. While wearing his apron and holding cooking utensils at that.

Network sample: Sample thread over at the Test Drive Meme!

Log sample: Even if he was far, far away, training was never something he had to ignore. In fact, being randomly abducted to some strange place with no warning or reason made it even more of a reason to keep at his top shape. Although without Rin or Saber to back him up, things will be more difficult... but still...

"Trace, on."

But still, he refused to give up or quit now. If he was brought here, then perhaps he is like 'that guy in red' now. Brought to a time that is beyond his own and can do only so much. Only this time, he isn't exactly alone in the 'arriving in a strange land' part. And thankfully, no one needs to fight to the death. But he needs answers on why everyone is here, and if possible, how to leave. For good intentions or not, this is still kidnapping. And answers, as well as repercussions, will be demanded.

"Analyzing composite materials..."

But to do any of that, Shirou had to train more and more diligently for both physically, magically, and mentally. He may had been fortunate enough to take on two Servants by himself, but there will always be stronger threats out there. And participating in the Holy Grail War wasn't enough to forge him to be the ideal person he wished to be to follow those ideals he had carried. If this was an opportunity that had presented itself, then he will take it.

"Reinforcing composite materials..."

Of course, that wasn't something to be done so easily. Thankfully, he was able to find a secluded place to ensure that he would not be disturbed and definitely not be noticed for him to part-take in his training. All magic is meant to stay hidden from the outside world and can't be discovered, else things will be turned to ruins. Those were the words of warning given to him by Kiritsugu, and ones he'll take to heart from the man he admired since he was a boy. His true image of being a Hero of Justice.

"All processes... complete."

And that's when Shirou's eyes flashed open as a thick, curved blade had appeared in his hand that looked twice as hard and twice as sharp as what it could normally had been. For good, bad, or indifferent, Shirou was still able to use what mana source he had while being trapped in such a location. An underwater location at that. But that sharp blade was only discarded to the side with a pile of other tools and objects piled on over before moving his head up over to glance out to the outside for a good view of the area. Whether it was day or night, it all felt the same to him... but still, he was going to do what he could to help these people here with all of his power. Save them, assist them... anything to make their lives at least somewhat a bit easier.

A sigh escaped his lips as he wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his sleeve before deciding to leave the area and return to his quarters. "Old man... I'll probably be having some troubles carrying out my promise for a bit, but I won't give up. Not after going so far at this point."


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